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Andrew Shiels

Andrew Shiels is an Irish composer living and working from his farm in a remote part of South West Ireland. A recluse by choice, he has been active as a composer for many years, producing works notably for string quartet, chamber ensembles, solo instruments and electronica as well as protest and experimental music. In 2017 his suite for guitar The Voyage of Maeldún inspired Irish artist Syra Larkin to create a pentaptych with each of the five panels representing one of the movements. Andrew has also been active as a poet working in collaboration with the artist Van KeLaita on a series of art works and poems called Illusions.

Beyond his work as a composer he holds degrees in psychology, international environmental policy and sustainable development to Master’s level. Massively concerned about the environment he has planted more than 20,000 trees around his farm in the last decade and spends as much time as possible in the wild Irish countryside.

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