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Something maybe worthy to be heard…! Fun is also important in life :-D

Hello everybody! I hope you are spending a great summer! After having being sweating 2 hours on the Haydn's Divertimento in F sharp minor (arrangement by F.De Fossa) I though to take a revenge on him by publishing on youtube something related to the good old Sepperl…:-). It is about a Fugue… The title of this 3 voices Fugue will surely recall to guitar players a by far more famous Tango It was born as a playful and mock answer to an impossible assignment which the harmony prof of my bachelor students gave to them: in 10 weeks to write a complete Fugue…from zero! As I am always at my students side I decided to suffer with them and to try to write a Fugue using a Theme by the giant F.J.Haydn. Due to the goal to explain to my students how a Fugue is build one will find this wonderful Theme in any possible variant: inversion, augmentation, stretto on the augmentation, inversion of the retrograde…I had really huge fun in doing it, and I think my students too. So, please do not consider this an attempt to become composer! This is just a homage to somebody who has inspired me hugely on my path as a musician and also a little homage to a very special person who still inspires me not only as a musician and loves the Skype as I do….(also therefore the tittle). An enormous thank to my great friend, student, sound engineer and chef Umberto Maisto, who transformed the donald duck-like sound of a string trio of Sibelius (the piece was written originally for this formation) into a wonderful Steinway gran coda sound. Thanks for watching this video!!! Carlo

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