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June Transcription: Cuba by I.Albéniz!

For this transcription of the last movement from the Suite Española op.47 by Isaac Albeniz, I chose to use the key of G major (with double scordatura) for a very simple reason: I wanted to reproduce the sonorous effect of the original as much as I could, namely the piano pedaling.

This has an absolutely crucial role in this specific piece, which loses its charm and magic if deprived of the color created by letting, mostly barwise, the notes of the harmony in the bass line melting with the charming melody line, which includes also notes that are extraneous to the harmony in charge. The resultant effect is wonderful!

Having this idea in mind, you will find fingerings which have the main goal to hold as many notes as possible (without weighting on the articulation and phrasing). They are sometimes not the easiest and, when the 5 fingers of the left hand became insufficient even another body part came to help for the best possible sonority of this delicate masterpiece. I hope you enjoy it!!!

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