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Partita III by J.J. Vilsmayr

Hi everyone! We are very happy to bring you the final transcription for this beautiful year that has been 2019! This month, is a very special transcription because it comes from a composer that has never been officially transcribed before for classical guitar!

The extraordinary efforts done in the last 25 years by musicologists and players to present to a large audience the works by unjustly forgotten composers, have given their best results in the period which extends from the early baroque till the classic era. The composer of the present edition can be considered one of the most interesting discovering concerning the music for violin solo without bass during the period of J.S.Bach, G.Ph.Telemann and G.Pisendel.

Johann Joseph Vilsmayr (1663 – 11 July 1722) was an Austrian composer active at the Salzburg’s Hofkapelle. There, he became, very likely, a pupil of the great H.I.Biber. In 1715 his major work, Artificiosus Concentus pro Camera, was published in Salzburg. This contains six partitas à Violino Solo Con Basso bellè imitate, whose title already points out the polyphonic texture of these works. Despite of that, the bass line is mostly implicit in a way that, in order to present a striking version for guitar solo, I had to ‘explicit’ it or, in the majority of the cases, write a completely new one. All the harmonies have been also added by myself and for the repetitions (including the so called ‘little repetition’ of the last bars) I took the liberty to suggest an ornamented version, which one can obviously change according to her-his taste, skills and/or inspiration of the moment.

If you love baroque music you should not let escape this discovering!

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