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4 Releases in 1? Yes, it's Schubert time!

This score contains 4 Lieders by one of the greatest masters of this genre: F. Schubert. Among his most popular and enchanting cycles are certainly 'Winterreise' (D.911) and 'Schwanengesang' (D.957), so I decided to choose from each of them a song that well suited the possibiities of the guitar: respectively 'Der Wegweiser' and 'Ihr Bild'. The remaining two Lieders are 'Heidenröslein' (D.257) and the famous 'Lob der Tränen' (D.711).

The first was chosen for the incredible resemblance of the opening incipit with a passage from Mozart’s Zauberflöte and the second, obviously, for the incredible popularity that it gained thanks to the version made by J.K.Mertz. However, this version is based on the arrangement done previously by F. Liszt, so that in some parts it differs somewhat from the original. Therefore, I decided to propose a new version, closer to that of Schubert. The choice of the key, G major, and of the double scordatura on the bass, allowed me to gain enormous sound spaces and in the same time to create a very delicate and resonant sonority. You will also find the rhythmic realisation of the dotted figures as I believe they were performed at Schubert’s time in presence of triplets, so that the version you will find here might at first surprise you.

If you wish it, you can read the blog I wrote about this topic. You will find it, along with many others, on my website (, where I explain the reasons for my choices regarding the rhythmic realisation of the pointed figures of the Lied.

I wish you many poetic moments with this wonderful music!

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