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First release of 2020!

One of the finest works by Robert Schumann is certainly his op.48 ‘Dichterliebe’, A Poet`s Love. Composed 1840 it consists of 16 wonderful songs which explore with an extraordinary depth all emotional shades of the human soul. The letters are by the German poet Heinrich Heine. Needless to say, since my youth this cycle has been an iconic presence in my musical and personal life, therefore I am incredibly honored to present to you some of these songs arranged for solo guitar. The first 3 ones are undoubtedly connected with each other due to the fact that the ending of each of them is in harmonic relation of dominant with the next one (the first one finishes even on a seventh of dominant chord). I decided therefore to publish them as a triptych, which can be played as such in the form of a little suite.

To conclude with a personal touch, I must confess to you that I am hopelessly in love with the first song, Im wunderschönen Monat Mai (In the glorious month of May), and I am sure that everybody out there who has been at least once really in love can easily agree with my feelings towards this short and powerful miracle of the genius of Robert Schumann.

Translation of the songs

1. In the glorious month of May, As all the buds were breaking, Then in my heart Love bloomed. In the glorious month of May, As all the birds were singing, Then I revealed to her My longing and desire.

2. From my tears spring up Many fair blossoms, And my sighs become A chorus of nightingales. And if you love me, child, I’ll give you all the flowers, And before your window shall sound The song of the nightingale.

3. The rose, the lily, the dove, the sun, I loved them all once in amorous bliss. I love them no more, I love alone The small one, the dainty one, the pure one, the only one. She herself all the bliss of love, Is rose and lily and dove and sun. I love alone The small one, the dainty one, the pure one, the only one.

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