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Listen to Quarantine

"Early in 2020 as Covid-19 spread through Europe, musicians as others, felt helplessly trapped, forced to remain inside with normal artistic life disrupted beyond our worst dreams. Under such circumstance many would shrink down into shells of depression and self-pity. But one day amidst this sea of negativity, I came across a young Spanish guitarist named Merce Font, who not alone was motivating herself to carry on working, but was also helping other musicians to adapt to their new circumstances. This spirit of positivity inspired me to consider what I might add as a contribution to improve the lot of those stuck inside for the duration of the lockdown. I came up with the idea of composing a set of short pieces related to the challenges of the paradox of our shared isolation. We are all apart because we are stuck inside and yet we are all together in our shared submission to these necessary steps. The pieces would serve, I hoped, as supports for their audience. But I also wanted to salute the lively and positive spirit of their dedicatee Merce Font, whose subsequent recording of the work has amply rewarded my belief that she is one of the finest interpreters of her generation. Many guitarists have fine technical facility, but far beyond this it is Merce’s musical perspective and sensitivity that impress her audience."

Andrew Shiels

If you want to listen how it sounds you can find the complete recording on Merce's Youtube Channel or any streaming platform!

We hope you enjoy it!

MarchioneMusic Team

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