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San Pedro, arranged by L.Zea

Always thrilled to have a new work from great musicians in our MarchioneMusic online shop! Check out San Pedro, a beautiful arrangement by L.Zea that you can't miss!

This song has a strong rhythmic drive and is part of the Parranda de San Pedro, a Venezuelan popular and religious festivity celebrated every 29 of June in the towns of Guatire and Guarenas (State of Miranda). The exact origin of this tradition is unknown but the legend tells about a black slave named María Ignacia whose young daughter Rosa became seriously ill. After deep prayers to St. Peter, María was granted a miracle and her little child was cured. The dancing is accompanied by singing, cuatro and maracas. Additional percussion is provided by hitting the ground with a strong piece of animal leather (‘cotiza’) which is attached to the feet of the dancers. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared the festivity a Cultural World Heritage in 2013.

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