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Sonata K.32 is here!

This month’s release is the Sonata K.32 by D.Scarlatti. Absolutely fascinating piece. The basic harmonies and the unadorned melody are solely wrinkled by suspensions on the second beat in almost all bars. And yet, by only using these elementary musical tools, the composer is able at the end to leave us totally speechless. Pure, essential soul expression. Needless to say, especially in the repetitions, the austere melody challenges the player to decorate it, with the purpose to sound out the deep affection of sorrow this sonata emanates. In fact, that’s what I did. Therefore, you will find both repetitions written in full. Of course, you can accept yourself the challenge Scarlatti’s and go for your own ornamentation! No bad feelings with it! :)

I chose the tonality of G minor for different reasons. Being the guitar a transposing instrument, the sonority comes in this way much closer to the original one, the range opens enormously (especially in the bass register) and the double scordatura (D-G in the bass) enable creating a very dark and dense sonority throughout the whole piece.

If you want to re-discover this piece from a different point of view, then it is really worth it to try out this transcription. Over more, it is a fantastic concert-partner of the K.391 (which you can also find on my online shop), same tuning, same tonality and totally contrasting moods.

I am sure, you will love it.

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