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Assaggio in G minor by J.H.Roman (1694-1758)


Pages: 9

3 Movements


In the incessant challenge of (re)discovering unknown masterpieces and unjustly under-rated composers I met the music by J.H.Roman, a Swedish composer of the time of Bach.

He wrote a considerable amount of music for violin solo (whereas some musicologist presume that the part of the basso continuo has gone lost) and among these works one can find true jewels, like this Assaggio. The violin part is almost throughout monodic. In such cases (like with the flute solo Fantasias by Telemann, which will be also published in the Marchione Collection) I go for a radical approach: I write the missing continuo and add the harmonic notes, obtaining at the end a version for harpsichord. From this I start to transcribe for guitar according to its characteristics and limits.

The result is what you have in your hands. I wish you lots of pleasure with it!



I hope you enjoy it!

Assaggio in G minor, J.H.Roman

  • Solo Guitar

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