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Cataluña, together with Granada, Sevilla and Cuba, is one of the four movements of which originally consisted the Suite Española n.1 op.47 by I.Albeníz (the other ones were added later).


In this release, I propose a version of this masterpiece which might differ in some passages from the standard guitar transcriptions. I aimed, in fact, to preserve some changes of octave and note disposition (as they can be found in the piano version) as much as the idiomatic of the instrument allowed me. Likewise, some colorful notes of the harmony have also been preserved thanks to the use of harmonics and/or more elaborated positions of the left hand. The feared passage of sixteen notes has been conceived having in mind how Albéniz could have written it if he would have been a guitar player rather than going for a literal “translation” of it, which is instrumentally impossible. Moreover, you will find different performing options for this and some other problematic passages.


The transcriptions of the three other movements from Suite Española can be found and purchased at

Catalunya, I.Albéniz

  • Solo Guitar

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