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Ich wandelde unter den Baumen.Op.24 nº3, R.Schumann


Inspired by the wonderful arrangements by J.K.Merzt of the Schubert’s Lieder, I choose 3 of my favorite Lieder by Schumann and transcribed them for guitar solo. The beautiful melodies and the keen harmonies make them 3 little gems, ideal for a moment of great music in any program. 

For describing the delicate poetical climate of this song, I leave the word to the Maestro himself. In a letter to his wife Clara (1840) he writes:

“My dear Clara, I am sending you a little song, to comfort you; sing it to yourself softly, simply, like yourself. During the last few days I have finished a great cycle of Heine songs. I cannot tell you how easily all this has come to me, and how much I enjoyed doing it. As a rule, I compose them standing or walking, not at the piano. It is a quite different sort of music, which does not come first through the fingers—much more direct and melodious.”


The part where the birds explain to the sorrowful lover from whom they learned the little word which hurts him so much is so ethereal and otherworldly that I decided to set the melody in octave-harmonics. The syncopations of the introduction depict here clearly the anxious heartbeats of a grief-stricken lover.


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Ich wandelde unter den Baumen.Op.24 nº3, R.Schumann

  • Solo Guitar

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