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Intermezzo Op.39 nº2, R.Schumann


Inspired by the wonderful arrangements by J.K.Merzt of the Schubert’s Lieder, I choose 3 of my favorite Lieder by Schumann and transcribed them for guitar solo. The beautiful melodies and the keen harmonies make them 3 little gems, ideal for a moment of great music in any program. 


The second songs from the Liederkreis Op. 39 (1840) shows, like Wagner’s Elegy, that a genius needs a short time to fill our soul and heart with beauty. The delicate poem by Eichendorff is rendered by Schumann with such a poetic sensitivity and imaginativeness!


The numerous appoggiaturas depict perfectly the longing of the lover and the syncopations of the accompaniment convey perfectly his wheezy heartbeat while watching the portrait of his beloved one. The end of these piece belongs to the most expressive passages I know, surely one of the most incredible Schumann’s song-endings (in the original for piano solo).

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Intermezzo Op.39 nº2, R.Schumann

  • Solo Guitar

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