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Few times a composer have been able to overcome space-time barriers and catapult their art 250 years forward, anticipating so much in advance the sensitivity to come.


Rameau is one of these immense visionary geniuses and the piece I have the pleasure of publishing today and presenting to you one of his most avant-garde creations for expression and potential. Incredibly modern music. So modern that the Bastille Opera for this song has opted for a ballet from in the style of hip hop dance.


On the other hand, the typical swing of French Baroque music, the inequalities, sounds incredibly modern and jazzy and fits amazingly with more modern form of art. If you will have the kindness to play this transcription it will be an indispensable 'must' with which to spice this masterpiece. I am more than sure that once you listen and/or play ‘Les Sauvages’, it will cause you a welcome, powerful addiction.

Les Sauvages by J.Ph.Rameau


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