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This sparkling sonata makes clear to us that nowadays D.Scarlatti would have been a highly celebrated rock star! It irradiates namely a primordial and almost obsessive rhythmical energy, helped in this by the choice from the composer of Bolero/Fandango rhythmical patterns. Absolutely modern is also the use of the fermata after a dominant chord at bars 17 and 59, this lets us loose completely the tonal direction. The chords after the fermata sound very unexpected and yet surprisingly assertive.


A masterpiece of musical rhetoric by Scarlatti and an absolutely worthy twin for the K.490, after which this sonata should be played (the K.492 would complete the triplet, but it is unfortunately absolutely unplayable on guitar). So, lets wear a leather jacket and rock with Scarlatti!

Sonata K.491, D.Scarlatti (transcr.Carlo Marchione)

  • Solo Guitar

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