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Sonata nº2 by P.D.Pardisi


In 2006, in the occasion of the 250th anniversary Mozart’s dead, I started to build a program based on Mozart and friends, that is composers who had directly or indirectly an influence on the music of il Divino. Besides some Haydn works, I transcribed, and played, also some Paradisi Sonatas.


This Sonata no2 is part of his ‘12 Sonate di gravicembalo’ which were, in fact, published in 1754 and enjoyed sustained success, being highly praised by Mozart and Clementi, just to name a few. Written in the form of a diptych, they recall Scarlatti in their virtuosity but announce already the Rococo and (later) Classic style. The fact that this sonata stands between different musical worlds makes this music very attractive and exciting.

If you don’t trust me, trust Mozart!

Sonata nºII, P.D.Paradisi

  • Solo Guitar

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