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MarchioneMusic is one of the biggest projects I've ever decided to take on. During my studies in Maastricht Conservatorium with Maestro C.Marchione, I came to know the incredible amount of transcriptions Carlo had in manuscript version. I gave a look at the content he had and there were far too many jewels for the guitar repertoire for not doing anything about it. So, together, we decided to start to re-write in digital his manuscripts. In the beginning, it was just a way to preserve them and avoid that one day, all this work could go lost someday but, eventually, people started knowing about it and asking us to share his transcriptions. We soon realized that there were far too many requests than we could cope with, so we decided to find a way to put them all out there available for people at any time. This was how, back then in 2014, the MarchioneMusic Shop was born.

Now, we have already almost 30 transcriptions published, and we are very proud of it because it does really take a lot of time to digitalize a score, perfect the transcription, make sure there are no mistakes and pack it all together in a beautiful and appealing layout. If you are interested to know which pieces we have, just click please on the button below and you'll be redirected to Carlo Marchione Online Store.


We publish a new score every month and one of our goals is to bring up to the attention of other musicians and audiences pieces and composers that are either very little known or completely unknown. Our dream is to contribute, in this way, to enlarge and enrich the repertoire of our beautiful instrument and make the transcription-making process a very dynamic thing within the transcriber, in our case, Maestro Marchione.

Merce Font

Co-founder of MarchioneMusic


Expanding our repertoire

guitar technique method

by Rafael Elizondo

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Ennio Morricone for guitar

Transcr. by Carlo Marchione

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