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Carlo Marchione

Online Teacher
Carlo Marchione website, academy, shop, classical guitar, MarchioneMusic, online academy


“teachers are persons who help you to solve problems you would never had without them”.


This is certainly true but what I love in teaching is just that students themselves, with their curiosity and openness, motivate and spur me to find answers which I would never seek without them...I adore teaching, it is a daily confrontation within everything one knows and the immense quantity of things that one has still to learn, like the little known versus the huge unknown part of an Ocean.

Online teaching gives, without any geographic limitations, the possibility to work very closely with the student, wonderful persons I would probably never meet without this new technologic means.

I must confess that, when Mrs Merce Font incited me to start this new teaching-activity, I was a little bit sceptical. My generation is used to work with things that you can physically touch, or so to speak, but I must admit that all my hesitations were wiped out after the first online lesson experience! Not only we are equipped with high quality broadcasting mics and audio system, but also the fact that both, student and teacher, have the same score on the screen while writing on it in real time and the possibility to use any online source to enrich the content of the lesson make the online lessons gain a very high educational value. A great advantage also is that the end of the class, the student gets immediately the edited score with all the annotations and that made all my online students very happy because they will never have to worry about losing a score again!

We are currently working on creating complete online courses that will be available for everyone to learn about a great diversity of topics, going from baroque music like the Bach’s Ciaccona to guidelines for transcribing and much more!

Merce Font

Customer service - website designer - manager
Carlo Marchione website, academy, shop, classical guitar, MarchioneMusic, online academy

Dear visitor,​

My name is Merce Font, I'm classical guitarist but I'm also the creator and designer of Carlo Marchione's website. We are constantly working to improve the site, make it more intuitive, easy to navigate and full of interesting content, so I really hope you will enjoy surfing our page!

I also take care of all the administrative aspects of the Online Academy, so, if you have any doubt or problem with your booking procedure, please, don't hesitate to contact me  through the form below and I will answer you as soon as possible!

Thanks! Message sent.

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