Gabriele Lissia

My experience with Carlo and Marchione Online Guitar Academy has been wonderful every time I've used it. Wonderful connection, speed, a super useful way to have a lesson around-the-globe with Carlo. Great the 5 lessons package, hope it will remain in the future.

Danguole Lingyte

Amazing! One of the best masterclasses I have ever received. It was odd in the beginning to have skype lesson as I always prefer eye to eye contact but these lessons appeared to be spectacular: you not only receive review and relevant comments about the piece during your online lesson but you may see your scores on the screen at the same time too (which makes you understand and follow easily the music)! Also you get the scores with markings to your mailbox as soon as lesson is finished. Technical aspect (great work of MC Team) and quality as well as the experience of prof. Marchione's lessons makes this platform a well- managed and indeed exceptional Academy of musicians' professional growth with undoubtedly satisfied students:)

Rafael Elizondo

Taking online classes with Carlo Marchione has been one of the best experiences of my life. They have changed my way of understanding music, while faithfully respecting the composer and the style. The quality of the online lesson is excellent, as well as the personalized attention of the whole team in his website.

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