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Sonata K.490 available now!

The score you are looking at this moment contains one of the most amazing inventions of our Neapolitan genius. The harmonies, the absolutely fearless use of dissonant notes and, altogether, the visionary modernity of his conception, makes this piece a true iridescent musical jewel.

There were thousands of remarkable passages I could mention you, but I just would like to point out the astonishing ahead of time harmonical sequence of the bars 25-37 or the mesmerized oscillation of the upper voice at bar 50-58, repeating nine times the notes B-A on different harmonies, ending in the sweetest full tone interval ever heard at bar 59.

You surely noticed it, I love this sonata hopelessly. You could understandably think that I might not be 100% objective. So, the only way to ascertain that I am a trustworthy lover is to take your guitar and lose yourself in the magical world of the K.490. I am sure you will love it hopelessly too!

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