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Adagio in B minor K.540, W.A.Mozart


In 2006, Mozart’s music was the focus of all glances because il Divino passed away 250 years before. The whole music world was blazing playing his music. Yet, I decided to wait one year and work at the only transcription of his music ever I played, although I can be described as a Mozart freak.

Mozart’s music is a lot more complex and rich than most people believe and this piece is certainly one of the most obscure and uneasy ones. There are continuous changes of tonality and a throughout almost Schubert- like dark colour (the forensic reconstruction of Mozart’s face on the cover fits very well with this heavy mood).


I had changed multiple times the choice of tonality and tuning until a very particular passage revealed to me the right combination, can you find it? It sounds wonderful only in that form! Many changes were necessary; hence I prefer to speak of arrangement in this particular case, but all essential elements are yet there and, strange enough, pianists seem to love this transcription!


Pages: 9


Listen to it:

Adagio in B minor K.540, W.A.Mozart

  • Solo Guitar

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