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Auf einer Burg Op.39 nº7, R.Schumann


Inspired by the wonderful arrangements by J.K.Merzt of the Schubert’s Lieder, I choose 3 of my favorite Lieder by Schumann and transcribed them for guitar solo. The beautiful melodies and the keen harmonies make them 3 little gems, ideal for a moment of great music in any program. 


Written on one of the most mysterious poems by Eichendorff (see translation) this song has a very peculiar structure, beginning with a strict imitation in dotted rhythm, which brings the listener into the solemnity of the beginning scene: an ancient knight, now turned into stone, watches down from the castle in a sunny Rhineland a wedding procession, where the bride is in tears (we don’t know if they are by joy or sorrow).


The following sequence of chords contains wonderfully expressive and unexpected harmonic changes ending on a sharply dissonant chord, which stays by the repetition upon the word “munter” (lively, cheerful).

Does Schumann want to suggest to us that the tears of the bride are yet of sorrow?


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Auf einer Burg Op.39 nº7, R.Schumann

  • Solo Guitar

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