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Sonata K.162 by D.Scarlatti


I’ve been always fascinated by this type of ‘pyrotechnique’ style of sonata. There are continuous changes of mood, tempo and/or modus and it is irresistibly theatrical. The only problem: it was horribly difficult to transcribe.


The original writing is relative thick and the speed of the fast parts doesn’t allow to play ‘too many notes’. So, I chose for the strategy of Janga. Like in this wonderful game, I tried, where it was unavoidable, to take away a little piece of wood (note) with the goal yet not to let the structure fall down and yet to hold the essential musical elements.


More than a transcription one can call it an arrangement. Many great guitarists already played this transcription, so I am quite confident that the result is not bad at all!

Sonata K.162, D.Scarlatti

  • Solo Guitar

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