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 Sonata XIX in E minor Hob.XVI:47bis


3 Movements: Adagio - Allegro - Finale, Tempo di Menuet

Pages: 12


In 2006, in the occasion of the 250th anniversary Mozart’s dead, I started to build a program based on Mozart and friends, that is composers who had directly or indirectly an influence on the music of il Divino. Obviously I could not skip F.J.Haydn.

If his music was not already one of the most perfect and creative ever written, he was also mentor and ‘oldest’ friend of Amadè (who will dedicate to his him 6 of the most remarkable string quartet of the music history).


I love Haydn’s music, it sounds so natural but at the end one has the feeling to have being led by the nose by an absolutely master mind...This piano sonata fits quite well on guitar thanks to the rising of one 4th of the original tonality of E minor.


Listen how it sounds!


Sonata nº19 in E minor, F.J.Haydn


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